A Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) is a system that helps businesses track and manage customer relationships.


It provides business owners with the tools to organize and use data about customers in an efficient way to improve business performance. The goal of CRM is to increase customer satisfaction by automating tasks such as lead management, scheduling follow-ups or appointments, and many more powerful features! If you’re not using a CRM for your business yet, here are five reasons why it’s time to start.
Businesses that use a CRM have a number of benefits including a streamlined and consistent client journey, the ability to increase your client base, more time in your day because of an increase in productivity, greater efficiency in your business which will eventually lead to an increase in your rates. Let’s dive into the top five reasons you should be considering a CRM – read on to find out which ones made it to our list!

Streamlined and Consistent Client Journey

This is one of the top benefits of CRM systems because it provides businesses with a way to automate their client profiles and journeys. When using custom fields, the system automatically updates customer information, creating more efficient business interactions.
Use the native scheduler that allows you to create workflows that will automatically follow up with clients after a set period of time-based on certain actions or inputs. This saves time for your business and also makes sure that you are always staying in touch with clients, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.
Create a streamlined journey ensuring that all clients receive a consistent message from your business. This also helps with brand recognition and creating a better experience for the customer since they know exactly what to expect when they hire you!

Ability to Increase Your Client Base

Because you are able to automate a good part of your client journey and you are drowning in admin work, you are able to offer your services to more potential clients. This ultimately helps your business to increase your client base and grow.
In turn, when your business is organized around the needs of its customers, you can provide better service resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, you will see an increase in leads and referrals from current customers who are familiar with your customer-centric approach to doing business.

More Time in Your Day

This is another one of those benefits that a CRM can provide for any small business owner because it will allow you to have more time in your day for the things that matter most! As your business starts growing, there are always going to be more things to do, and having a CRM means you can make sure that your business is running as efficiently as possible.
A CRM provides significant increases in productivity by automating tasks such as lead management, scheduling follow-ups or appointments, and much more. Work smarter – not harder.  The automation of these tasks saves valuable time and ensures that you are always working on the most important activities. When you use a CRM you will find that you are spending less time on administrative tasks and more time closing deals.

Greater Efficiency In Your Business

A CRM allows you to store all data about your clients in one place. This includes contact details (phone number, email address, social media, etc.), details about purchased products or services, client history, and past communications between you and the client. Having all information together makes it easier to remember who’s who in your client roster.
You can send personalized emails through the platform without having to open up multiple email accounts.  Better yet, if you have situations that occur over and over with multiple clients, you can have a bank of canned emails that you can personalize and send.

Increasing Your Rates

If you’re using a CRM then the chances are that your business is very busy. The increased efficiency created by using a CRM allows you to service more clients and this means that you can raise your rates.   By having loyal clients that keep coming back to you, you will find that it’s easier to justify raising your prices.
So there you have it, my top 5 reasons why using a CRM is beneficial for your small business!
The benefits of using a CRM for your business are undeniable. There’s just one question remaining: Will you be making that change? It can be difficult since there are so many options out there, but I am here to help! I will work with you to find the best solution for your needs and budget.  If it’s been a while since you’ve considered a CRM, now is the perfect opportunity. Let us know if this blog post convinced you or not in our comments below!

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