Providing your clients with a VIP experience is one of my favourite things.

One of the ways to enhance your client experience is to surprise and delight them with a thoughtful and meaningful client gift.

It is such a simple gesture and lets them know how much you appreciate their business.

Here are my 5 tips when it comes to gifting your clients.

Make sure you add gifting to your budget

You will need to decide how and when you gift your clients along with the monetary value of that gift.

Perhaps you send them a Starbucks gift card partway through your project, maybe you send a larger gift as part of your onboarding process or you send a gift after the project has ended.

Once you have decided how much, how often, and what you are sending, make sure that when you do your yearly budget, you add in your estimated costs for that year.

It’s not all about your brand (well just a bit)!

Even though the gift is coming from you and you want them to think of you when using the gift, you don’t have to have your logo plastered all over the gift.  For me, I want my clients to feel relaxed know thing that things are being taken care of on the back end, so I send them a candle or a bath bomb.  The card that accompanies that gift has my colours and logo.

Better yet – get THEIR logo added to the gift!  Maybe your clients are always on the go so you send a daily journal.  How special would that client feel to know that you took the time to brand it to them!

MLR Virtual Solutions - 5 Tips to Client Gift Giving

Add your own personal touch.

I love adding a simple handwritten card. It only takes a moment to tell the person how much you appreciate them.  Another idea is to find a local card maker in your area and have some cards done up just for your business.  If you can find a card that suits the occasion, a simple handwritten note on your stationery is just as thoughtful.

Packaging is important.

This is the first thing your client will see.  If you are taking the time to let you client know how important they are to your business, then you should take the time for good presentation. A lot of client gifting companies will provide the packaging so make sure you take the time to pick out something that adds some of those meaningful details.

Find a local company to support

It’s hard times right now and the greatest way to show support for your fellow small business owners is to find a local business that you can support in your gift-giving. We all have those favourite local places so look to them first.

If you aren’t able to find what you are looking for locally, there are some great companies that provide an easy way to choose, package and send gifts to your clients.

A few of my favourites are:

Quick tip…during your onboarding process, make sure you have somewhere that will capture those special dates, and remember to add them to your project management system so that you are reminded of when you should be putting that surprise in the mail!

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