I talk to a lot of clients who are on the fence about automating their business processes.

They feel like their business will come off seeming robotic and that they might lose that human touch.  Another fear I hear is giving up a little bit of that control and worrying that things are going to mess up behind the scenes.

There are several things that you are able to do in Dubsado to make your automation seem more human, less robotic and allow you to maintain that connection with your clients.

On Brand Questionnaires and Forms

Create questionnaires and forms that are on-brand to YOUR brand.  Add your colours, your images, your logo, and your quirkiness.  You are able to design custom branded forms that match up with who you are as a business and you are able to create those forms in the voice you would use if you were speaking to them.  Add an “About Me” to a proposal and give your clients a glimpse into what makes you unique and why they should work with you!

Use smart fields in your canned email responses.

Do you feel like your emails are going to go out all… Dear Mrs.Jane Doe.  We compute that your email has been received!  Smart fields are a great way to pull client information into an email and personalize all your emails without having to do it manually.  There are smart fields for the project, the client, the appointment, the invoice, your packages… there are a LOT of smart fields.  In addition, you can create custom mapped fields in your application or contact form that will pull information into the client file and that can then be used in follow-up correspondence!

MLR Virtual Solutions Dubsado Set Up

Workflows and Delay Send

Workflows allow you to level up your client experience making sure that all your clients receive the same VIP treatment as soon as they connect with you.  You can time your automation to occur after a certain time, which can create the impression that there is a human being, looking at the information and creating a response.

To-Dos for those tasks that need a little more attention

When you need to give a specific client just a little more attention with a high-touch experience or you want to get more personalized, you can create a to-do in the workflow that will allow you complete control over when the next action sends.  This will allow you to customize the email, proposal, contract, form, or questionnaire however you want to before clicking done and re-starting your workflow.

As you can see, you are able to keep some personalization in your automation and not sacrifice that connection with your clients.  And as a bonus, because you aren’t spending all that time writing a custom and personalized email to each and every client, you have the opportunity to do more of the things you love to do!

If you are wondering about how you can make your canned emails sound less robotic, I have a FREE guide with 5 Canned Emails to get you started.

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