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Have you been wondering how to navigate the tricky terrain of content repurposing? 

I’ve got just the insights you need. 

As an online coach, you have valuable insights, and content repurposing allows you to reach more of your audience without having to start from scratch every time. Content repurposing should be about spreading your unique voice further, not spreading it thinner. 

It’s a powerful strategy, but there are some common pitfalls that can hinder your effectiveness.

Did you know 94% of marketers actively repurpose their content, and businesses doing it well see a 47% increase in website conversion rates

But the trick is to do it effectively without losing the essence of what makes your content unique.

I understand it’s a delicate balance between staying true to your voice and making your content versatile. I’m here to share five thoughtful, actionable fixes that keep your authenticity intact while giving your content new life. 

Are you ready to discover how to make your content work smarter, not harder, and keep engaging your wonderful audience? 

Let’s get started.

Pitfall 1: Losing Your Brand Voice

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When you are repurposing content across various platforms, there’s a risk that your unique brand voice might start to lose its consistency.  Without a clear plan, things can get muddled.  

This can weaken your brand identity, making it harder for your audience to feel that genuine connection they have grown to expect from you.

Quick Fix: 

To maintain a consistent brand voice:

  • Develop a style guide specific to your brand, ensuring a cohesive identity that resonates with your audience and sets you apart.
  • Use the same tone and language patterns across all content to build a comfortable and trusted space for your audience.
  • Regularly review your repurposed content to ensure it aligns with your brand’s core message, enhancing message clarity and audience loyalty.
  • Include personal stories or examples to retain authenticity, fostering a deeper and more personal connection with your audience.

This article: How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice Across Channels from DivvyHQ provides a focused, in-depth look at strategies for maintaining a consistent brand across various platforms.

Pitfall 2: Ignoring Platform-Specific Requirements


Every platform has its unique vibe and audience expectations. When your content isn’t tailored to these nuances, it can feel out of place, leading to reduced engagement and effectiveness. 

This disconnect not only hinders your message from hitting home but also prevents you from fully leveraging the platform’s potential.

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Quick Fix: 

To effectively tailor content:

  • Understand the tone, style, and format preferred on each platform so that your content resonates with its intended audience.
  • Adapt the message to fit the specific audience and context while keeping the core idea consistent so that the message remains strong while appealing directly to each of your audience segments.
  • Utilize platform-specific features to enhance your content’s appeal and reach to leverage each platform’s full potential.

Pitfall 3: Over-Repurposing Without Adding Value

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Repurposing the same content too much without adding fresh perspectives or updates can lead your audience to disengage. Over time, this not only makes your content feel repetitive but also risks diminishing the unique value your brand offers.

Quick Fix:

Revitalize your content by:

  • Incorporating recent trends, data, or personal insights so that your content stays relevant, exciting, and valuable.
  • Adjusting the format, like turning a blog post into an interactive webinar, will provide your audience with a new experience and reach those who view content differently.
  • Update information to reflect the latest developments in your field to ensure your content remains authoritative and trustworthy.

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Pitfall 4: Neglecting SEO Opportunities


Failing to optimize repurposed content for SEO means you are not only missing out on a significant opportunity to boost your online visibility but also failing to reach readers actively searching for your expertise.

This oversight could lead to your valuable content being buried in the Internet, reducing its impact and the opportunity to establish your authority and connect with a broader audience.

Quick Fix: 

Enhance discoverability through SEO by:

  • Researching and incorporating relevant keywords to improve your content’s search rankings and visibility.
  • Crafting compelling meta descriptions for each piece of content to increase those click-through rates.
  • Utilizing SEO-friendly formats and structures, including headers and bullet points, makes your content more accessible to search engines.
  • Regularly updating content to keep it relevant and SEO-optimized will ensure you maintain its SEO value over time.

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Pitfall 5: Forgetting to Measure and Analyze

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Not tracking the performance of repurposed content means you’re flying blind, unable to see what resonates or falls flat with your audience. 

This can lead to a cycle of guesswork, which could lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of your content and a reduction in potential engagement opportunities.

Quick Fix: 

Improve your strategy by:

  • Tracking metrics like engagement rates, click-throughs, and conversions so that you can understand your audience’s behaviour and preferences.
  • Analyzing which types of content and platforms yield the best results – this way, you can focus your efforts where they count most.
  • Using insights to refine and target future repurposing efforts more effectively. This ensures continuous improvement and relevance.

This article: 5 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Content Repurposing from Content10X has some great strategies on what you should be looking for when tracking your own content.


In this article, we’ve explored the 5 Quick Fixes for Common Repurposing Pitfalls, arming you with strategies to maintain your unique brand voice, tailor content for various platforms, add fresh value, harness SEO, and effectively analyze your efforts. It’s about making your content work harder and smarter, ensuring each piece resonates and engages your audience to its fullest potential.

Now, as you consider these tips and reflect on your content strategy, ask yourself: Are you ready to transform your approach and see your content thrive like never before? How will you apply these quick fixes to your repurposing strategy?


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