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VIP Day Dubsado Set Ups

Automate and simplify your business. Make your business more efficient and effective, keep your peace of mind and consistently deliver "white glove" VIP customer experiences.

Investment starts at $1697 CAD
Custom Form Design Starts at $1997 CAD

Who it’s for:
You are a coach, creative or service-based business owner juggling #allthethings.  You want to automate your systems but you don’t have the time to set up your own system or you have tried and things are just too confusing.  You are spending WAY too much time going through the everyday mundane tasks and are looking to get back into your zone of genius.  You are looking for a system that will take your clients through an amazing client experience while you are practicing work-life balance.  

VIP Support on Demand Day

Don't need to or want to partner long-term with a VA or OBM but have an out of control to-do list? A VIP Support on Demand Day might just be what you need.

Investment starts at $550 CAD

Who it’s for:
You are a coach, creative or service-based business owner juggling everything and trying to get it all done, but no matter how hard you try, there always seem to be more added to the to-do list. You want those tasks of your plate NOW but don’t want to partner with a VA or OBM long term.  This is a great way to get that task list manageable without a long term commitment.

Positive Mindset in Business

Dubsado Audit & Strategy

Stuck and need a bit of help with your Dubsado? Need a bit of help creating workflows that work for YOU. Maybe you just need a few pieces build out.

Investment starts at $347 CAD

Who it’s for:
You are doing a DIY Dubsado set up but need a bit of guidance because you are a little stuck.  You have spent too much time on Google and aren’t getting the answers you need.    I’ll help make sure that you are getting the most out of your account and together we’ll find ways to improve your client journey.

Form Makeover

Your Dubsado forms have been neglected and it is time for a form makeover!

Investment starts at $547 CAD

Who it’s for:
You know what they say about first impressions. You want people to feel good when your company name pops up on the screen. That means it’s time for a form makeover. We can tailor your brand with custom-coded and code-free forms, branded proposals, and contracts, so not only are you at ease using your system but also that clients are receiving an immediate WOW factor!

Backstage Pass

You want to know more about what Dubsado can do for you and your business but aren't exactly sure whether it's what you want to invest in right now.

Investment starts at $0

Who it’s for:
Your current system isn’t working and it’s time to upgrade.  You know you need to use a Customer Relationship Tool, but there are options out there and will it really work for your business?  I’ll get a bit of information about your signature service and send you a video, demonstrating how Dubsado could work for your business. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • “I don’t have to do any of this work on my own! I am so grateful that I have Melanie to do it. I love my work, but technology is NOT how I want to spend my time and Melanie gives me that peace of mind. Melanie will be an anchor for your business!”

    ~ Kathy Dawson, Relationship Coach
  • “Melanie is a true gift to work with! She hops right into the work, familiarizes herself, and then takes off. She has been so easy and seamless to work with and continues to be on-brand with all our messaging. She frees up my time so I can work on other projects to help the business grow. If you are on the fence – DO IT! In order to get more work done and get to a better place in your business, you need help!”⁣

    ~ Adrien Paczosa – Fearless Practitioners
  • “Working with Melanie has been a great move. She delivers things in a timely and efficient manner. I appreciate her knowledge and organized manner in which she has attended to the needs of my company. Her professionalism, kindness, and level of creativity are greatly appreciated. Don’t hesitate in considering Melanie to help you with your company’s growth.”

    ~ Linda McLean – McLean International
  • “For me, it comes down to time or money. The money I spent on Melanie was an investment on the time I got back for the work that was important and the extra downtime I needed. Melanie was amazing to work with, she was always ready with suggestions on how best to create my workflow and she met all her deadlines as promised. My biggest win was the lack of stress in having to do the Dubsado set up myself. If you are a small business owner looking for a Dubsado setup, I highly recommend you talk to Melanie about Dubsado. Get off the fence and get on a call!”

    ~ Allison Smith – Dandelion Digital
  • “When I started my coaching business, I was so overwhelmed with all of the tasks on my plate. On top of working with clients, doing admin work for my team, and managing our social media accounts, I felt like there were always more things that needed to be done. Melanie was able to streamline our workflows so that I could focus on what matters – working with MY clients. Get help before it becomes an issue and let Melanie fill in the gaps for you.”

    ~ Laura Wells – Coach
  • “The service that Melanie provides is incredibly professional.  Melanie took the time to really get to know my business and connect to my vision.  Her creative team approach has been a great addition to helping me build my online business.  I am so grateful to have had Meanie on my team.”

    ~ Sherry Jibb – The Healing Place Studio

How Does It Work?

1. Fill out the form

Click the “Let’s Chat” button and fill out the form. I will review your submission and see if we are a good fit and if I am able to help you with your business needs.

2. Discovery Call

If I think we are a good fit, I will send you my scheduler so that we can get on a call.  This will help me get to know more about your business goals and be able to put an implementation plan in place.

3. Implementation

Once we have had our call and you have signed on, we’ll get to work putting together all the pieces and you’ll be free to do what brings you joy, whether that’s onboarding new clients or spending more time with your family.