You spend your days doing client work and making sure that working with you is an amazing experience for your clients.

And then you spend your evenings responding to contacts, building quotes and proposals, and setting up meetings.  

You know that there is an easier way to do the back-end work and you have heard of Dubsado, but you don’t think it’s the answer to your problems.  This is where you might be wrong.  Here are some common reasons people are reluctant to invest in a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM).

Think you are too small to have a CRM

You have 4 clients and don’t see the benefits of having a CRM.  So, for now, you have a spreadsheet that keeps track of all their information.  But here’s why you need a CRM.  You can get valuable insight into your customer data.  Where are they coming from? What services are they looking for?  Where are they in your sales funnel?

Just organizing your client information and automating one process in your business, like your lead capture form will streamline your processes and give you back valuable time.  

Plus, when you are starting out and have a smaller client base, you can really get to know your CRM so that when your pipeline is full, you know workflows and automation like the back of your hand and are able to provide that VIP client experience to ALL your customers.

Automation is too impersonal

A lot of people think that by automating some of their processes, they are going to come across to the client as impersonal or robotic.  This is simply not true.  I wrote a post about 4 Ways to Streamline Your Client Experience Without Sacrificing the Connection which gives some ideas on how to make your automations more customized and personalized. 

What automation allows you to do is to create a VIP experience for clients by taking the processes that are repeated with each client and making them function in a workflow.  That’s about as robotic as it gets!

Automations and Back end

Purchased Dubsado But Failed Setting It Up

I hear ya!  It took me 18 months before I finally sat down and started setting up my Dubsado account.  It was hard.  There were so many things to know and set up before you could start using it and I didn’t know where to start.  

What do you set up first?  Is it your emails, your packages, your proposals?  

There is an order to how you want to set up your Dubsado in order to help you create workflows from start to finish.  And once you have the assets set up and ready to go, it can be a relatively easy process to get those workflows flowing!

If you are growing your business, you know that it takes a LOT of time to complete those tedious tasks and all that time could be better spent interacting with your potential clients, doing high-quality work, and performing other higher value, money-making tasks.

So setting up a CRM when you are starting out or growing your business is a great way to get a head start on streamlining your processes in preparation for business growth and scaling!

Are you interested in a DIY approach to setting up your Dubsado but are lost when it comes to putting things together? I have a FREE Guide to Creating Workflows in Dubsado that you can download and find the starting point.

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