We all have our favourite tools.

Dubsado is one of mine. Automations are one of the best features in Dubsado. They allow you to set up a workflow that will automatically be executed based on certain conditions, like when a form is sent. This means that you can create automations for all sorts of different tasks. In this blog post, I’m going to share my five favorite automations with you!

01. Following up with a new lead while I sleep

When someone fills out my lead capture form, Dubsado sends me that information and then flips on a workflow that sends a thank you email and a follow-up email with next step instructions. It lets my potential client know when I will follow up with them and how to go about booking a call with me so that we can discuss their needs in greater detail.

02. Sending a proposal, contract, and invoice in one go

This automation is one of my favourites! When a potential client requests a proposal, I have Dubsado automatically send them the contract and invoice as well. This saves me time during the proposal process because I don’t have to worry about sending everything separately. It also helps to ensure that all the important documents are included in the proposal so that there are no surprises for the client later on.

03. Scheduling calls and the confirmation and reminders

Many of my clients want to have a call before we work together. I’ve automated the process so that when someone books an appointment, Dubsado sends them a confirmation email, and 24 hours before their appointment, sends them a reminder email with all the details again (I know how busy your inbox gets and how sacred that space is!). I will also send a courtesy 2-hour reminder so that the client has the Zoom link readily available.

04. Sending a testimonial request after a project is completed

When someone hires me, I have Dubsado automatically send them an email asking for their feedback after the work has been done. This helps me to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with my work, which in turn allows me to build a long-term relationship without any snags or surprises.

You can read more about how I do that in this post: How to Collect Testimonials on Autopilot where I share my workflow and even give you the emails to use! Swipe away!

05. Creating to-do’s so things don’t fall through the cracks

One of the things that I use Dubsado for is to create to-do’s. Not everything can, or should, be automated so for those tasks that need to happen outside of Dubsado, I set up an automation to get an email reminder to go ahead and do that task. The great thing is that nothing moves forward until I check off that it is complete!

So, those are my favourite automations that I use for my business. I’m sure that you will find at least one of them useful for your business as well. And, with how busy entrepreneurs are today, saving time is one of the best things that you can do for yourself!


To my heart-centered coaches…Setting up your CRM can sometimes feel incredibly overwhelming.  There are so many moving parts that it can be frustrating to know where to even start.

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