A great proposal can help you land your dream client.

Proposals also have the power to build trust, create a unique differentiation, drive conversions, and grow your bottom line. Proposals are one of the most important tools for any business owner looking to increase their revenue. If you’re not including these 8 sections in your proposals, then you’re missing out on some crucial opportunities!

Proposal Header

This is where you can describe the client’s desired goal. You can also include what will be included in the proposal and how it will benefit them. Let them know that this is the service for them as it hits all the pains they spoke about during your Discovery call. You can also add in here if your proposal expires.

About Me Section

This is your chance to introduce yourself, welcome your client, and give them a glimpse into who you are, what you do, and why you are passionate about your craft. You should also include any relevant experience you have. Be personal and have fun.

Packages and Pricing

This is the section that gives your client an idea about pricing and shows them what they can expect to pay for your services. You’ll also want to include how long it will take you and which specific tasks you’re going to complete, as well as any additional fees (if there are any). Proposals should never be a surprise. You also want to make sure you highlight all the benefits that this package will provide for them.


In this section, you can list some of your previous clients and what they had to say about the services you provided. This is a great way to show social proof and help build trust with potential new customers.


This section is your chance to show off how you turned your creative vision into reality. Prove to your client that you have the skills and experience necessary to complete their project. This is also a great opportunity to share any case studies or relevant data that will back up your claims.

Next Steps

In this section, you’ll want to let your client know what the next steps are. Are they going to be expected to sign a contract? Will there be an interview process? Let them know what’s coming up so they can prepare for it.


This section is all about setting expectations. You’ll want to include a timeline for the project and what milestones you plan on reaching along the way. This will help your client stay organized and ensure that they’re happy with the progress you’re making.


FAQs are a great way to answer all the questions your client might have about this project. Use this section as an opportunity to separate any concerns they may have from something that could be important for you or even just informative for them.

Proposals are a great tool to use for your business, but they’re only as effective as the content you put into them! Make sure you’re including these essential sections to get the most out of your proposals and to make sure you aren’t missing out on opportunities.


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