Dubsado is a CRM software that helps entrepreneurs manage their businesses.

The five forms available in Dubsado are; Contracts, Sub-Agreements, Questionnaires, Proposals, and Lead Capture. With the tools available in Dubsado, you can better connect with your customer, create a streamlined client journey and take back your time by adding these forms to workflows. Let’s have a look at some of the ways these forms can be used:


You can use contracts to define what work will be done by each party as well as outlining any compensation for completing this work which includes payment terms such as advance payments or milestone payments.
When it comes to signing, Dubsado has its own signature box for both you, as the business owner, and the client. You can send the document for signature by itself via email or send it over with the proposal and invoice.
Once both parties have signed, easily store the contract in the client portal for future reference.


A sub-agreement is typically used when there are additional terms that aren’t covered in the main contract. You can create sub-agreements to provide specific details of your contract, but still, keep it separate from the original document. Some examples of sub-agreements could be waivers, sign-offs for proofs, contract amendments, and non-disclosure agreements.


Questionnaires are a great way to gather information from potential clients whether they are new or existing. You can use this information to assess a client’s needs and create a custom proposal designed around their specific industry.  Some uses could be an intake questionnaire and client homework.
In Dubsado, Questionnaires aren’t just for getting answers to questions.  You can custom create them to also give information.  Think Welcome Guides, Onboarding Guides, or a Client Portal Guide.
Questionnaires are also a great way to gather information on people who have already purchased products or services from your business.  Create a request for a testimonial form and remember to ask for permission to use it in your marketing!


A proposal is a formal offer to do work for a client.  You can use Dubsado’s Proposal Form to lay out exactly what services are being offered, the price of those services, and the specific terms that are being set out including deadlines, payment terms, milestones, or other specific details.  This is an opportunity to sell your product or service.
As a time-saver, send the proposal, contract, and invoice to your potential client and have them complete the entire package at one time.  Once they have reviewed the proposal and chosen their package the contract will be shown and once they have signed the contract, the invoice will be available for payment.

Lead Capture Forms

 Lead Capture Forms help you to get more information about your potential customers and clients, such as their name, email address, and phone number.  You can find out what services they are interested in and where they are struggling.
If you pre-qualify your leads, this information will help you to quickly evaluate whether you are able to assist this particular client with their needs.
Additionally, you can use Lead Capture Forms to start a workflow, reducing the number of hours you would spend with the administrative work of setting up a Discovery Call, sending response emails, or even finding a time that works for both of you.
Your Lead Capture form can be embedded on your website or you can share a link in your email or social media platforms.
Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or the CEO of an established company, Dubsado can help your business grow. With five form types to choose from and plenty more features on top of that, this program is worth checking out.
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