Automating your business processes can be a total game changer. But sometimes it ISN’T all that and a bag of chips.

If you know me, you know that I am all for automating aspects of your business – for many reasons.  It can help cut your costs and increase your productivity and it can help you when you are ready to scale your business.

It’s hard to add more clients to your business when you just don’t have time to take care of them properly.

When I am working with clients and building out their workflows and where we can automate, I am looking for:

  • Processes that are repetitive;
  • Or processes that don’t require logical thinking.
  • Processes that don’t need any sort of personalized human touch.
  • Tasks that need to be consistent from client to client.

But here’s where automating your business processes runs the risk of coming to a grinding halt.  People think that automation is a “set and forget” process.  And it isn’t.  Here are some of the more common issues that you may encounter when automating your business processes.

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Reliance on Technology

Automating your business processes eliminates the chance for human error, but we all have worked with technology, it’s sometimes not that reliable.  Think back to a time when you had something really important to complete for a client and your wifi went down or your document just closed out!!

So, if you have a glitch in your workflow, it could potentially throw off the entire automation path.

Frustrating and Time Consuming

Building out your workflows is tough and figuring out just where and what to automate in those workflows can feel overwhelming and be totally frustrating.  

Believe me… I know.  I had my Dubsado for 18 months before I actually started using it the way it is supposed to be used.

Every workflow that you build out has to be tested both from a business perspective and from the client’s view.  This can be time-consuming and takes quite a bit of effort.

No Automation System is Perfect. Because No Human is Perfect!

I have built out my own workflows only to discover months later that I inserted the wrong smartfield.  Nothing looks better or more professional than an email that goes out addressed to:

Hello {{client.lastName}} instead of Hello {{client.firstName}}  


Things Change…

As you grow, your processes will likely change and in turn, your workflows or documentation will need to change.  Sometimes this will just be an adjustment to a step in your workflow, but sometimes this means that you will need to start from scratch.  (See above for time consuming and frustrating).

So now you must be thinking… well that’s great, I got Dubsado thinking that I was going to have this amazing system that will do it all for me while I am at the beach sipping margaritas. 

I can let you know that it is possible to build out amazing workflows that do just that.  

So, my recommendations.

  1. Get to know the system.  Add yourself as a client and learn about all the features.  Take yourself through your own client experience.  This is a great way to see where you may be lacking in some procedures and where you can add some sparkle and give your clients a super VIP experience.
  1. Start slow.  For all you DIYers, put in your packages and build out a simple proposal and contract.  Add a lead capture form to your website and create a very simple workflow for JUST the lead capture leading to a discovery call.  Gradually build in some automations, like maybe automatically emailing a thank you after your invoice has been paid.  Just because you CAN automate a specific process, doesn’t mean you have to.  
  1. Dubsado has an amazing support team and a fantastic Facebook group!  USE THEM.  You can reach them via email or with their chat feature, and the users in the Facebook group are always happy to lend a hand.  They even now offer a course that you can go through for free!  You can find out more about that HERE!
  1. Hire out your setup.  Getting someone to set up the technical stuff can be a great time saver if you are really keen to get going and automate your processes.  And it’s super helpful to talk with someone who does this as you may discover some bottlenecks you didn’t know you had or some automations you didn’t know you could do.

Would I recommend Dubsado to a friend or colleague?  Absolutely!!! 100% One of the best things about Dubsado is that you can take it for a test drive – with ALL the features for free for your first 3 clients.  That way you can get a feel for just how robust a tool it is and what you can do for YOUR business.

After trying to get myself out of MY administrative work, I have ZERO regrets!

If you are loving the possibilities but don’t have the time to figure it all out (or don’t want to), head on over to my SERVICES and see how I can help you to set up Dubsado in your business. I actually LOVE doing it!!

Knowing how to create workflows in Dubsado can be confusing and stressful.  Find the starting point with this Free download.

Click HERE for your Guide to Creating Workflows in Dubsado.