Dos and Don'ts

Repurposing content isn’t just about recycling; it’s about taking the content you have already created and tweaking it to reach an audience that might enjoy consuming content in a different format and who might be hanging out on another platform. 

When you repurpose what you have already created, you are making use of that one core piece so that you aren’t having to pump out new content all the time.  Win/Win!!

 You know what they say – CONTENT IS KING, so squeezing every ounce of value from what you create is essential. 

But here’s the catch: while repurposing can expand your content’s reach, it can be a delicate balance to ensure you aren’t committing one of the faux pas below. 

Stray too far, and you risk your message getting lost in translation or even alienating your audience. So, why is repurposing content so crucial, and how can you avoid the pitfalls? 

Ready to discover some of the do’s and don’ts of content transformation? 

Let’s get started!

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DO Embrace Originality

Original Content

Originality in content creation isn’t just a trend – it’s the foundation that ensures your content resonates and STANDS OUT. It makes you different and sets you apart from all that noise.

The Essence of Unique Content

Every piece of content you craft serves as a reflection of your brand and voice. Here’s why it’s such a big deal:

Uniqueness: With so many voices in the digital space, unique content stands out. It makes you different and sets you apart from all that noise. 

Value: Content that offers genuine value helps you to gain trust and loyalty among your readers or audience. It’s not just about creating for the sake of creating; it’s about deepening the connection, enhancing their experience, and giving them some knowledge they may not have known.

Trustworthiness: Genuine and original content with a lot of value helps build trust with your audience. This trust translates to credibility, which can be a game-changer in establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

You will likely remember when you came across an article that felt refreshingly different. That’s the power of originality. 

It leaves an imprint, making readers want to come back for more. So, as you repurpose your content, make sure you’re not just rehashing but re-writing with a new perspective. 

It should feel fresh yet familiar.

Hubspot offers some creative ways to repurpose content.

DON’T Over-Repurpose

Don't over repurpose content

While giving old content a fresh twist is a smart move, there’s a fine line between strategic repurposing and just plain overdoing it.

The Risk of Content Fatigue

Over-repurposing can lead to content fatigue, where your audience starts to feel like they are seeing the same thing over and over.  Likewise:

Repetitiveness: Over-repurposing can make your content feel like a broken record.  Your audience wants variety, and serving the same dish in different bowls can lead to less engagement.

Loss of Core Message: Every time you repurpose, there’s a greater risk of losing the original message.  The message’s original “heart & soul” might end up watered down and make less of an impact on your audience.

Audience Burnout: Your audience is always looking for fresh perspectives and new and updated information.  Overloading them with repurposed content, especially if along the way it has lost the core message, might cause them to seek their content elsewhere.  (DEFINITELY what you don’t want to happen).

Remember, your goal is to provide fresh, engaging, and updated information.  Think of it as upcycling—a chance to create something new and valuable, not just rehash the old.  So, while it can be tempting to squeeze every drop out of a piece of content, always ask yourself: “Is this offering a fresh perspective, or am I just putting out more of the same?”

DO Start with Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content is Valuable

In a constantly changing landscape of content creation, evergreen content remains consistent. It continually offers value, making it a solid foundation for your repurposing efforts.

In For the Long Haul

Evergreen content is like that little black dress in your wardrobe—always in style, always relevant. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

Consistent Traffic: Unlike trending topics that can go viral but eventually fizzle out, evergreen content attracts a steady stream of visitors over time. It’s the type of content that people keep coming back to.

SEO Goldmine: Search engines love evergreen content. When optimized correctly, to begin with, these pieces can rank higher and stay there, making them a magnet for organic traffic.

Flexibility in Repurposing: When you have created a solid evergreen base, you have more creative freedom. It’s a lot easier to tweak, twist, and transform a good piece of evergreen content into various formats, all while keeping the core essence of your message. 

Authority Building: As an online service provider, your goal is to position yourself as THE expert, and your evergreen content showcases that expertise. It’s content that says, “I really understand this topic, and I’m here to help you with what you need.”

So, the next time you want to repurpose, look through the content you have already created. That in-depth guide or comprehensive how-to article from a year ago? It might just be the evergreen gem you’re looking for. 

Remember, it’s not always about chasing the new; sometimes, the gold lies in what you already have.

Does repurposing work?  Neil Patel offers a more analytical approach on this topic.

DON’T Ignore Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback in Content Repurposing is Crucial

I often say that in our businesses, there is a compass that points the way to success, and that happens to be your audience’s feedback.  Ignore what they are saying, and it could cost you. A LOT!

The Power of Listening

Tuning into your audience’s voice isn’t just courteous and connection-building—it’s strategic. Here’s why:

Direct Insight: You are getting a direct look into what your audience values, what resonates with them, and where you might be missing the mark. This raw, unfiltered insight can help your content repurposing efforts.

Building Trust: When your audience sees that you are listening and are responsive to their feedback, it sends the message, “I hear you, and I value your perspective.”

Content Improvement: When you are given constructive criticism, you can use that opportunity to refine and improve, making sure your repurposed content hits the mark EVERY TIME.

Remember: your audience is a treasure trove of insights. They’re the ones consuming your content, sharing it, and, most importantly, benefiting from it. So, the next time you receive a comment, a suggestion, or even a critique, embrace it. 

It might just be the key to your next content masterpiece.

DO Maintain Your Brand Voice

Keep your brand voice when repurposing content

Your brand voice is more than just words on a page; it’s the essence of who you are and what you stand for.  As with any content you create, ensuring that this voice remains consistent is crucial.

Consistency Across Platforms

No matter the platform, your voice should remain unmistakably yours.  Here’s why:

Recognition: A consistent brand voice helps your audience instantly recognize your content, no matter where they encounter it.  It’s like hearing a familiar voice in a crowded room.

Trust Building: Consistency breeds trust.  When your audience knows what to expect from you, they’re more likely to engage with your content and rely on your expertise.

Effective Repurposing: Where you are consistent with your brand voice, your content’s core message is consistent, even when the format changes.  Whether it’s a blog post turned podcast or a webinar transformed into an infographic, who you are and what you have to say remains the same.

Think of your brand voice as your signature. It’s unique to you, distinct, and leaves an impression on your audience.  When repurposing your content, ensure that this signature remains clear and consistent.  

It will also serve as a reminder that you are the EXPERT behind the content.

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DON’T Forget the Core Message

Remember your core message when repurposing content

When repurposing, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of changes.  However, as you are twisting and revamping your content, there is one thing that should remain unwavering and that you should never lose sight of – your content’s core message.

The Heart of Your Content

The core message is the central theme that gives your content its essence. Here’s why it’s essential to keep it intact:

Maintaining Authenticity: Your original content was crafted with a specific intent and message. Straying too far from that original message can make the repurposed content feel disjointed and less authentic.

Audience Expectations: Your audience connected with your original piece for a reason. While they appreciate a fresh take, they expect the foundational message to remain consistent.

Brand Consistency: Your core message often aligns with your brand values and voice. Keeping that core message upfront ensures that your brand’s identity remains consistent across your content pieces.

For instance, if you initially wrote a detailed guide on “The Importance of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs,” and you’re now turning it into a podcast episode, the examples might change, the scenarios might vary, but the central theme—that personal branding is vital for entrepreneurial success—should remain intact.

As you are repurposing, always circle back to the heart of your content, ensuring that its core message shines through loud and clear. 

DO Update Outdated Information

Remember to Update Outdated Content

What’s relevant today might be outdated tomorrow. If you are working in the online space, you are well aware of this.  Things change, and we all know how hard it can be to keep up with algorithms.  So, when you are repurposing any content, make sure that the information you update is current, accurate, and relevant.

Keeping Content Relevant

Repurposing isn’t just about changing the format; it’s about ensuring the content’s message remains timely and pertinent. Here’s why updating is non-negotiable:

Credibility: Presenting outdated facts or statistics can harm your credibility. Your audience relies on you for accurate information; outdated content can ruin that trust.

SEO Benefits: Search engines prioritize fresh and updated content. Revising old content with new information boosts its chances of ranking higher and attracting organic traffic.

Industry Changes: As an online service provider, you know how quickly things change.  Just take a look at how AI has changed our landscape. It’s crucial to showcase that you’re in tune with the latest industry trends and shifts.

Think of updating as polishing a gem. It’s about taking something valuable and making it shine even brighter. So, as you repurpose, always ask: “Is this information still relevant today?” If not, it’s time for a refresh.


Repurpose your content with purpose and intent

In the world of content creation, repurposing is still a powerful strategy to get your expertise out there and make an impact.  To recap:

Do embrace the power of originality
Don’t fall into the trap of over-repurposing
Do lean on evergreen content as a sturdy foundation
Don’t overlook the importance of feedback from your audience
Do maintain your distinct brand voice.
Don’t lose sight of your content’s core message
Do refresh and update any outdated information

So, as you tackle your content repurposing, it’s always good to be well-informed and find that balance (or at least find a middle ground!)

It’s not just about reshaping content; it’s about reimagining its potential. 

In a world where content is king, standing out is crucial. The Content Planning Toolkit offers a blend of strategic insights and practical tools, ensuring your content not only resonates but also achieves its desired impact. 

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