Delegating Content Marketing to Your VA

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The continual creation and generation of exceptional, shareable, informative content can be an extremely time-consuming, ongoing task in any business that considers it a fundamental part of their marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs and business owners can be reluctant to let go of the reins when it comes to content marketing and often feel that they need to retain this task in order to ensure their stamp is firmly applied to the content.

But do you really need to spend so much of your own time on content marketing, or can you outsource it and still retain your style?

Why Delegation Is So Important

It seems a little obvious to state, but… we all get the same amount of time in a day! It’s what you do with it that counts and choosing to delegate to a virtual assistant is one of the most positive actions you can take to grow your business. Attempting to do all the tasks yourself will hold you back, simply – it will take you longer to complete everything and get to where you want to be.

Bringing a VA onboard to assist you with marketing and creative roles as well as any associated technical tasks, will transform your business, by publishing content to schedule and helping you free up a huge amount of your time. It’s a great feeling knowing everything’s progressing without your direct constant involvement, as you can then gain further momentum by getting on with something else or enjoy some much needed family time.

Before You Delegate Your Content Marketing

Content needs to reach out to your customers, share relevant information and help build relationships with your crowd, so before you can delegate it effectively it’s really important to get clear on…

1. Who you’re marketing to.

2. The kind of information you want to share.

3. The style of writing you’d like to convey – that represents your voice and brand.

If you need to clarify this, you can work with your VA to create a content strategy that fits with your business goals. Once you have this established, your VA can start to create content with the right tone of voice and the right kind of information, and then share it on the most effective platforms.

What Content Marketing Tasks Can You Delegate?

With wide-ranging skills VAs can complete an array of tasks to a very high standard. The tasks you outsource are dependent on what you’re comfortable in delegating. You may wish to retain the content creation and outsource the rest of the process, or you could work out a way to outsource part of the content creation.

A simple tip to establish the tasks you could outsource is to, over the course of say two weeks, create a basic list of your content marketing activities and the time they take, such as, editing videos, sourcing images or posting on social media. This simple list will then guide you as to tasks that could be outsourced. Look at how long they take you, think about how much you enjoy the tasks and whether someone other than yourself could complete them effectively, perhaps after a little training.

How to Delegate Tasks to Your VA

You need to have an idea of what you’d like assistance with and what you’re aiming to achieve, and you must be able to convey this to your VA. However, let yourself be guided through the delegation process by your VA, as they’ll have systems in place to ensure regular and efficient communication and sharing of project tasks. Essentially, you’ll agree some key points upfront:

* Method and frequency of contact.

* The scope and brief of the work.

* The investment from you.

* The deadlines and milestones to achieve your goals.

You can proceed on a task by task basis, a project basis, or partner with a VA who’ll manage your content marketing on an ongoing support arrangement.

Give delegation a go! You’ll feel better for it and will see the rewards in your business. So, what part of your content marketing can you outsource in order to grow your business and leverage your time better?