Do canned emails sound like a robot?

You’re not alone if you think they do. The truth is that canned emails are an invaluable way to save time and streamline your customer-facing workflows, but the problem is that they can come off as robotic. If you want to avoid sounding like a robot with your canned email responses, here are five tips for making them more human.

Tip #01: Be Personal

One of the best ways to make your canned email responses sound human is to be personal. Use the customer’s name, and try to include a bit of personal information if you can. This will help show that you’re taking the time to actually read their emails and respond in a personalized way.

Tip #02: Use Natural Language

Another way to make your canned emails sound more human is to use natural language. Avoid using formal language, and try to write in a way that sounds like you’re speaking to the customer. This will help create a friendly and personal tone that will make them more likely to respond positively to your email.

Tip #03: Use Emojis and GIFs

One of the best ways to make canned emails sound human is to use emojis. You can also write short, fun sentences with included gifs that will help bring some personality into your responses. It’s a great way to show that you’re having fun while working and that you’re not just a machine responding to emails.

Tip #04: Be Friendly and Courteous

Another way to make canned emails sound human is to be friendly and courteous. Thank the customer for reaching out, asking how they are, and showing that you’re happy to help them with whatever question or problem they have. This will help to create a positive tone and show that you’re actually interested in helping them out.

Tip #05: Use Humor if Appropriate

Finally, you can also use humor in your canned email responses if it’s appropriate. Just be careful not to go too far overboard with the jokes, or else you’ll end up sounding unprofessional and like you’re not taking the customer seriously. A little bit of light-hearted humor can go a long way, but it’s important to use it sparingly.

Pro-tip: If you are using a CRM to send out your canned emails, utilize the smart fields. This pulls in information about the client that you already have available to you. That way, you are personalizing the emails to your customers every time.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make your canned emails sound more human and less robotic. This will help create a better customer experience and make your canned emails much more effective. So next time you have to send out a canned email response, be sure to follow these tips and make it sound as human as possible.


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