Do you find that you spend too much time typing out the same email over and over?

Writing emails have a tendency to take over our workdays.  But here’s a tip, if you find yourself sending the same email more than 3 times (or with a slight variation of the wording), it might be time for some canned emails.

Even though you might not say EXACTLY the same thing in each email every time you write it, you probably could.  The person is different but generally the body of the email is the same.

Here are some circumstances common to most entrepreneurs where canned emails would fit quite well.

First Contact

Someone contacts you about one of your services.  You likely send an email to them, thanking them for reaching out and letting them know that you will get back to them, asking them to book an appointment or explaining what your next steps are.

A Reminder for an Upcoming Appointment

Once a potential contact or existing client has booked an appointment with you, you’ll want to make sure that they get a reminder of your upcoming call. It’s good to touch base and with a canned email, you can make sure they are ready for your meeting. 

Sending Your Contract

Awesome!  You have a new client and need to send them your contract.  A nice welcome email with instructions on what you need them to do in terms of signature and initials is a great way to use a canned email template.

Sending Your Invoice

Creating an email template for your invoices saves you TIME!  You can add instructions on how to pay your invoice and a message to thank them for their business.  

Payment Reminder for Late Payment

No one wants to be sending these emails, but life happens and sometimes you need to remind your client that their payment is past due.  A quick reminder in their inbox will do the trick.

If you are using a tool like Dubsado, not only can you create a repository of canned responses, you can customize them using smartfields. Smartfields pull information right from the client projects.  This can include their names, the services they are interested in, dates, times and links to forms or questionnaires.

The other great thing about using Dubsado (hint… it’s more than just canned emails!!)  is that you can attach these emails into a workflow and schedule them to send if an event doesn’t take place. You can read more about how I use Dubsado as My Own Personal Virtual Assistant here.

For example, you could have a past due payment reminder email go out to your client “10 days after the payment is due” in your workflow.  What this means to you is that you are not having to keep track of who is late with payments.  Dubsado will “watch” that for you and follow up with the client so you can use that time for the work that makes you money.

With a bit of upfront work, you can put together a library of canned emails that fit all of your repetitive client situations and will be able to save yourself hours of email time each week.

Want to save time, lower your stress and keep your sanity? Canned emails are your answer! Don’t avoid your inbox because you don’t have the time to craft a response or diplomatically say no. Here are 5 templates for common situations that you can use for your own business. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE TEMPLATES HERE!