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Content Repurposing Ignite and Elevate

In order to gain momentum with your content and get to know your business, this is a minimum 3-month retainer


Weekly or Bi-Weekly Blogs



Is your website feeling a bit… lonely? 

You’ve poured your heart into your business, but your website’s blog section is gathering digital dust, isn’t it? 

You know that consistent, high-quality blogs are key and that your audience would really benefit from your knowledge, but who has the time to write a blog?

Your website could be so much more than just a digital brochure; it could be a hub of fresh, engaging content. And it’s not just about posting something; it’s about posting something relevant that your readers really want to know. Without this, your website risks fading into the background.

Enter my bi-weekly or weekly blog retainer.

You’ll get:

Imagine your website buzzing with activity, each blog post drawing in readers, engaging them, and establishing your authority. 

Your website becomes a go-to resource, and you? You’re recognized as the expert you are, all without the stress of writing and managing content.

Ready to breathe life into your website with consistent, engaging blogs? Let’s make your site the go-to place for insights and inspiration.

Here's how it works...

When you are ready, let’s chat to make sure we are a match.  If the sparks fly, I’ll send over a contract and invoice and we’ll dive into the details and get started.

First I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your brand voice and content goals.  We’ll dive deep into your brand, target audience and content objectives to ensure we are on the same page.

After I have a clear understanding of your brand, we’ll collaborate to come up with ideas for the content you would like to have for the upcoming month.

I’ll research keywords to determine words and phrases to help your content rank higher in the search engines.  This will help your content reach a wider audience and get the attention it deserves.

Then I’ll get to writing.  You will receive draft copies of your blog so that you can approve the language.  Once that is done, I will work on creating your story promotion posts.

At the end of the month, you’ll receive a Google doc with all your copy and links to your graphics.  If you have opted for my Premium Package, I’ll format and schedule blogs for you.


I will require topic suggestions to create your weekly blogs.  This is something that we will brainstorm together each month. If we are just getting started, you’ll need to fill out my onboarding questionnaire that will allow me to start writing in your brand voice and tone.  I will also need  your brand kit – think colours, fonts and any brand guidelines you might have.

You will receive your content bundle (with either 2 or 4 blog posts) on the last Monday of each month.

Whether you have chosen the Premium service (where I format and schedule your blogs for you) or not, your content document will include meta descriptions, categories, tags, and alt text for your images.

I take a holistic approach to content marketing and focus on creating a comprehensive package that maximizes your online presence and generates passive and active traffic.  This allows you to work smarter, not harder.  Maybe you aren’t ready for weekly posts and newsletters. I am always open to discuss your unique business needs and what makes sense for you.

For blogs I am very familiar with WordPress.  I also can post to Squarespace.  For email marketing I am familiar with Flodesk, Mailerlite, ConvertKit and Aweber.

I am able to learn programs quite quickly so if you don’t see your specific platform, let’s chat.