In your 9-5 someone gave you your work hours, you had scheduled pay days there was a distinct start to the day and an end for the day.

And then you decided you wanted freedom and you started your own business.  YAY…congratulations.

But now you find yourself in your office at 11:30 PM.  Your desire to please your clients and do all of the things has resulted in answering emails right when they come in and jumping as soon as you get a request.

You are worried that you are going to lose your client or not going to continue to get clients.  That struggle bus is real.  ALL new entrepreneurs have taken a seat on that bus! (Honest). It might be time to set boundaries.

One thing that we forget is that it is OUR business. We need to run our businesses how we need to run our businesses.  And not only that, setting boundaries with your clients is absolutely essential to a productive relationship. 

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So where do you start?  What boundaries should you set with your clients?  Read on for 5 boundaries that you can set in your business.

So, if you have a glitch in your workflow, it could potentially throw off the entire automation path.

Respect your time.

Set your office hours and keep them.  We all have times that we work evenings and weekends, but that is a choice YOU make!!  Take your time off.  You need to recharge and you need to spend some time with your family.  You don’t need to burn out.  Take a 24 hour rest period.

Set specific times to check your email.

When your day is over.  It’s over.  This means no answering emails at 10:00 pm.  Many times, your client is sending you an email, not with the expectation that you will answer it, but because it’s in their heads and they want to get it out.  There is nothing that requires your attention at 1:00 am!!!


Speaking of communication… let your clients know HOW you want to communicate with them and what form of communication you prefer.  Do you prefer email, phone, Zoom?  Maybe you want to leave project questions for emails and have strategy sessions on your Zoom meetings. (ps. Let your client know how quickly you will respond. – A great line is “while I might respond sooner, you can respect a reply within 24 hours.”

Revisions and Support.

 Let your clients know what time period you will be supporting them as your project winds down.  How many revisions are included with your service and what are you going to charge if your client requires more revisions?

Rush jobs.

We all know that sense of urgency when we are working on a project but does it actually have to be done right this second.  Or can it wait?  Make sure you understand when a rush job truly is a rush job and make sure your client understands that.  You are putting in more ideas to support your client in meeting their deadline and you should adjust your fees accordingly.

A great way to spell out your boundaries is to put them in a Welcome Packet that all your clients get when they start working with you.  Your clients will appreciate knowing how you work.

Make sure that you are consistent with your boundaries.  YOU set the tone for your clients when they work with you and answering an email at 9:00 pm could set a precedent you don’t want to be setting. 

Setting your boundaries will help you provide a better service and be more productive. If you had to answer to everyone, chances are you would answer to no one.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Learn how Dubsado can help you set some “leaving the office” boundaries by automating tasks in my recent article Dubsado! Is it the Answer to Your Automation Prayers?

What boundaries have you set for yourself?  Any others that have really helped?  Let me know in the comments.

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