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Ever ask yourself what the magic formula for business success is… a whole lot of dedication and a little bit of automation!  And a business bestie.

Oh hey there... that's where I come in. I'm Melanie - the business bestie!

I help make your client experience UNFORGETTABLE (and automated!) so that you can actually do the work you love doing with your clients, take back your work-life-balance, actually HAVE supper with your family, and create a client experience that is so unforgettable that referrals will come pouring in because EVERYONE will be talking about how amazing your service is. (And the best part… your clients aren’t going to know what’s automated and what’s not!!)

For the last 25 years (or so), I have been in the public service, supporting high-level government executives.  And then, that all changed.  My husband, and partner in crime got, what turned out to be, his final military posting.  So, we packed up a lifetime of belongings, moved across the country – like way across the country – and ended up calling Nova Scotia home. 

I had always thought about opening my own business –  but it always seemed just a little too scary, it wasn’t the right time, the kids had too many activities – but all the stars seemed to line up with that posting message.  We moved as empty nesters and, without a job to come to, I took the leap and MLR Virtual Solutions was born.

Fast forward…and I realized that although I am a whiz at creating systems and organization for my clients, I had missed something in my own setup and needed to find a tool that worked for my needs. I knew I wanted to work smarter instead of harder, I wanted to have the schedule I thought I would have when I started my business and I wanted to be able to feel confident to take time off, knowing that things would keep running without me.  And so off I went on my journey to find the perfect solution.

Little did I know that taking a couple of courses on Dubsado workflows and automation would change my direction, my passion and my business.

So that’s where I am now.  Doing what I love.  Helping service-based entrepreneurs find freedom in their growth by looking for ways to put things on autopilot.  If you are ready to take back your time and freedom, I am here to help make that a possibility.


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We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own "to do" list ~ Michelle Obama

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