Melanie Rogers

About Me

My name is Melanie.  I am the founder of MLR Virtual Solutions. I recently found myself on the opposite side of the country as my husband and I made a 4,812 km journey across Canada to start life in our new home in the province of Nova Scotia.  With this ultimate change in my personal life, I was presented with an opportunity to shake things up in my professional life.  

Nearly everything in the world can be done with a computer.  You can go online, choose your dinners for the week and have them shipped to your door.  You don’t need to step into a change room to get a fancy new dress or a new suit. You used to have to get in your car and go to an office to have your taxes done, then walk to the mailbox to mail them in to be processed.  Now with a click of a button and a secure website, you can file to your hearts content from the comfort of your living room.

I have stepped into this new and innovative world of “things done from afar”.  Everything that I could do in an office, I can do from my home – except maybe get you coffee, however, now that I think about it, I could probably just “Skip the Dishes” order you a mocha caramel latte, extra hot with extra foam. 

I have been in the administrative field for over 25 years.  I have supported high-level government executives and have been the second in command for those I have worked with.  

I have done everything from email and calendar management, event planning, travel logistics, project management and everything in between.  I am known for my organizational and time management skills.  

My experience in the corporate world has given me the confidence and skill to successfully navigate challenging situations and work in diverse, dynamic and high-pressure environments. 

To learn more about how I can help, explore the services and packages I offer and then schedule a free discovery call with me.  Let’s chat about your virtual assistant needs.

You started your business because you wanted to do the things you love.  I started mine so I could help you do that.