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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You are in a dead sleep, only to wake up wondering if you actually responded to that lead that came in from your website that afternoon?  You know you might as well just get up at that point because there is NO way that you are going to get back to sleep!

How about searching your files for the latest version of your proposal?  Looking through every folder because you have forgotten where you last saved your changes.

You want to stop the overwhelm that is caused by constantly handcrafting your proposals.  You want to be efficient and NOT have to create every email from scratch or wonder where you saved your contract.

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And my favourite… having the files you are working on with your client on your desktop, in your folders, on your Google Drive, and in your Dropbox.  You have to spend half an hour before your project calls just searching for your documents.  So many things to remember… no wonder things have been forgotten!

I GET IT!!!!

Melanie Rogers

Hey there!

I'm Melanie. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a moment to check out my little corner of the internet. I am a systems and workflow pro! I help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level with AMAZING and intentional workflows. You can click "More About Me" to get a glimpse into my crazy life!

You want automated workflows that make your clients feel like the VIPs they are.  You want a client experience that is so phenomenal, they not only keep coming back for more, but they are telling everyone they know about what an AMAZING experience it was working with you!  

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I wanted to get OUT of the admin part of MY business.  I wanted to stop jotting things down on Post-It notes every time I remembered something that had to be done.  I created some canned email templates that I used across my client projects and was super proud of such a great idea UNTIL I realized I had to still put a note in my calendar to actually SEND the email – UGH!

So off I went looking for a tool that would fit my needs.  I went from system to system, productivity tool to productivity tool, and nothing seemed to fit what I was looking for.


Dubsado is a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) that helps you automate workflows and most of the emails and forms you are always sending.

Maybe you have heard of Dubsado and what a powerful tool it is but you don’t really know how to set it up and you definitely don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs.

I had my Dubsado account for a year and a half and had such a hard time trying to figure it out.  I would log in after hearing someone rave about how completely hands-off they were in their business.  I’d spend 4 hours trying to set up my automations, get frustrated and then log out for another 3 months!  Been there!!  Done that!!

It takes time and a lot of effort to set up Dubsado correctly but WOW… when it is done right you go from overwhelm to saving HOURS each week.

Here’s the thing…You DO NOT need to struggle for months to design your workflows.  You DO NOT have to worry that you missed something. 

Let’s simplify and automate your business!!

Interested in some resources to help you get started??  Click the link below for some guides and checklists to help you on your way.

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Dubsado Set-Ups

Automating and simplifying your business. Make your business more efficient and effective,  keep your peace of mind and consistently deliver “white glove” VIP customer experiences.

Email Marketing

To be effective in business, you need an email list to build and enhance relationships with your clients.  When you nurture and grow those relationships, you ensure you are always top of their minds.

kind words from clients

  • “I have been working with Melanie for a few months now and the service she provides is incredibly professional. Melanie manages my social media platforms and works on marketing my business.  Melanie took the time to really get to know my business and connect to my vision.  She is always willing to learn new technology and platforms.  Her creative team approach has been a great addition to helping me build my online business.  I am so grateful to have had Meanie on my team.”

    – Sherry Jibb – The Healing Place Studio
  • “Working with Melanie was an all-around excellent experience.  She was diligent and foresaw my needs in a way that I hadn’t thought of myself.  She came up with a novel solution that solved a frustrating problem I was having and she got it done super fast.  She was approachable, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend MLR Virtual Solutions – and Melanie!  I only wish I had done it sooner!”

    – Hannah Pazderka, Art of Gems
  • “I hired Melanie to help me with my business.  She is a quick study, very smart and super helpful.  She is eager to try new things and takes on all her tasks with enthusiasm.  I highly recommend her services.  Thank you Melanie, you have been a lifesaver!”

    – Tina Marie Kmyta, TM Creative
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  • Client Testimonial

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