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Making Sense of Your Chaos


Welcome to MLR Virtual Solutions.  My name is Melanie – owner and founder and fellow entrepreneur and I am so glad that you stopped by.  

Are you wearing too many hats? 

Do you find yourself struggling to scale your business because you have a never ending to-do list?

Do you ever find yourself saying “I didn’t start my company thinking I was going to be spending this much time posting on Facebook/answering emails/scheduling appointments?”

Do you need to find a way to use your time more productively?

Do you need a right hand (or a left hand, or 6 more hands)?

It is my mission to remotely provide highly skilled, professional, administrative, technical and creative business solutions so that you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. 

It is my vision that work-life-balance and freedom is possible while you pursue your passion.

I help successful, creative entrepreneurs become more focused, organized and productive.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a look around, check out my services and then let’s chat.  You don’t need to do it alone.

Virtual Assistant

Why Hire Me?


36% of professionals spend between 3-4 hours a day on administrative responsibilities.  I will take care of those repetitive tasks so that you can get laser focused on your priority – taking care of your clients.


Hiring a full time employee means paying for a salary, benefits, vacation, sick time, office space and training.  And did you know that in an 8 hour workday, the average worker is on task for only 2 hours and 53 minutes?  You only pay me for the work I do.  I have my own office space and equipment and you don’t pay for my vacation or benefits.


I have skills in many areas of business that might not be in your skill set.  I’ll help with your business growth and be a valuable asset to your vision.

Click below and fill out the form so I can find out more about your business and how I can help.

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